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Hey guys welcome to my clone me review so in this review. I’m, going to show you everything there is about clone me what it is and how you can use it to make money as a right now, because it’s. That simple, so, basically, in a nutshell, clone me is a new product released by brenda mace, which is all about which is a software slash, training product with 40 done for you, campaigns, loaded right inside of cloneme, and what that means.

Is you don’t have to create pages you don’t have to create bonuses. You don’t need any tools. You don ‘ T have to do any videos you are going to get approved on all offers by bendam himself, and you can start today.

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The only thing you have to do is actually drive traffic to your link. That’s. All you have to do because this is all done inside and it looks really good and i’m going to show you all about this. We are going to come back to the members area in a little bit, but first i just quickly want to show you my bonus page.

If you’re watching on youtube, there’s, going to be a link down below in the description which will take you to my bonus page, which looks like this. So i think this product is really cool and you can check out my bonus page.

However, before i show you more about clone me, i just quickly want to show you my custom-made bonuses for you guys, because if this is something that you decide to purchase via my link, you are going to get access to some amazing bonuses which will help you With traffic, because that is the one thing you need to make this product work, so my bonus number one is a brand new, app called traffic really just released.

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You can get access to the hottest traffic app in 2021 free traffic. So if you use this tool there’s, lots of training and bonuses inside which will help you to get take your links and blast them all over internet and get hungry buyers to click on your link and that’s.

How you’re, going to make commission with clone me so free traffic app my bonus number one. So, for my bonus number two, this is another cool trick. You are going to use youtube, but you are not going to make any videos anything at all, so this will rank.

Think of it, as you are ranking a simple picture, thumbnail first page of google on youtube and there there is where your link is going to show up in the description and that’s. How you’re, going to drive free, targeted traffic back to your links, which are back to your products, which you’re? Promoting inside of clone me very cool hack, so my bonus number three is all about another cool traffic hack.

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I’ve, been using myself for quite some time the core traffic hack, so this is something you can get set up in. Like five minutes, you can drive massive free traffic back to your links with the help of quora.

So my bonus number four is another cool free traffic hack i using myself, which is basically ads, but for free. So i’m gonna give. I’m gonna show you a couple of platforms where you can create cool ads in the make money online niche and where there’s a ton of traffic, so people will actually click your ads, but all these ads are free.

So you don’t, have to pay anything just paste and copy and set up a lot of ads, and you will see traffic going to your link that’s, cool resources included now, for my bonus number five, i’M going to give you access to a pretty little course cool course called 150 per day hack, so i’m, going to show you how to make 150 every single day with this hack.

So this is something that you can actually use with the traffic apps. I just told you about and clone me, so i think this is a really good bonus for you, guys that decides to pick up chloe and, of course, my last bonus number six is all about the vendor bonuses that you are going to get inside of the Members area, even if you purchase via my link, which you can do anytime during this review, just click on any of these yellow buttons on my bonus page and that will take you to the actual sales page that looks like this now i’m.

Get Clone Me Now – Click Here

Not going to go, go through the whole sales page, you can check this out for yourself and if you want to purchase you just click on get instant access to clone me right now. This button so, like i said 40 down for you, campaigns made them over.

Ninety two thousand four and twelve dollars just copy and paste each campaign generates us passive income daily. Now it’s, your turn, so you’ll, get access to. Actually, you’re, going to get access to 40 affiliate campaigns that are proven to make money and yeah.

I mean that’s, true, because what brandon has done here is actually taken all his former products and even other people’s, high converting products and made a really cool review page and a video and some very promising bonuses in a Sleek nice design and a bonus page where the people who buys from you will get access to some really amazing bonuses that i’m, going to show you in a sec and these products are converting really good.

This is products that sold two thousand three thousand units in the last couple of months, and you will get approved to all of these offers, and all you have to do is paste in your affiliate link and then start driving traffic.

That’s. All you don’t have to invest in anything else. You can make money for free with a really good product. So let’s. Check out, feel free to check out the sales page further down the sales page. You can see the promised bonuses that’s inside of the members area that i told you about.

So if you pick up chloe right now, you will also besides my bonuses. You will also get access to all of these bonuses, which you can check out right here on the sales page, all right, let’s, get back to the members area, so there’s.

A little welcome video and some really cool case studies and videos by brandon himself, and you get access to some pretty cool free tools here as well, and how to set up everything that’s. It now there’s.

Also some training. You can check out, however, the core of this is campaigns, so basically, you just hit create a new campaign, give it a name paste your affiliate link and choose one of the 40 done for your product and campaigns, and it actually looks something like this.

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So if i just take this one, so as you can see, this is all done for you, a pretty nice slick page, which is the offer and a video made by brandon himself. So he’s, doing all the selling the reviewing for you.

It’s all done and, of course your affiliate link will be here and all of the bonuses that someone is going to get if they buy, and i mean there’s, a lot of bonuses really good products, and so, if they Buy so this page will be your page and if they buy, then this is going to be the bonus page and look at these bonuses.

All of these bonuses to the people that buy from you and even some more sleek training and even more bonuses, so that other people as well can make money. I mean it’s, just ridiculous, how many bonuses there are on all of his bonus pages so that’s.

How basic clone me is create the campaign get approved and if you knew you know it’s, not easy to get approved to high high converting offers. If you don’t have a track record on, for example, warrior plus or jvzoo, but brendan is going to make sure that you will get approved on all of these campaigns.

So you can just create the campaign. You want. Take the link and blast traffic added with my bonuses and the bonuses right here inside, and you got some training now. The the the coolest thing about clone me is actually how it’s.

Good, i mean there’s. Good products really high converting products, and i think the pages and the videos made by brandon himself and the bonuses and the bonus pages that is all done for you is really high quality and will convert, and that’s.

The most important thing that it’s high quality and it will convert so you guys can make money with this product. So let’s, check out the pricing so, like i said chloe you get 40 of his top performing affiliate marketing campaigns ready to go in a clone, so it’s all done for you.

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So this is going to sell for 12.95 and you get access to everything. I just show you for 13. You will get all of this and i think that’s, a no-brainer. Now, as recording of this video, all the pricing isn’t done yet but, as i said, 13 for the front end – and this is the upsell, so the oto is going to be traffic training by brandon himself.

I’m, going to guess it’s going to be around 67, but you will be presented with all of these upsells if you decide to buy so you can check them out in your own time, and oto is about lifetime campaigns.

Now this is something that you should really consider and watch when you’re in the funnel and buying this product, because this will allow you to get monthly campaigns from us for life, which means, if you buy the front end, only you and everyone Else is going to have that same 40 offers right, but if you buy the upsell number two every single month you are going to get access to new campaigns, which means you can always continue to promote newer products and newer campaigns every single month.

Now, as you can see, there’s going to be a downsell with a 14-day trial at 37 a month, so i’m guessing this one is going to be 97, maybe, and if that’s, true then do consider To pick this one up, because you don’t want to pay monthly, and this is something i think is going to help you a lot.

If you want to go down this route, have something easy that you don’t want to build pages. You don’t want to build funnels. You don’t want to do videos and, i think, having lifetime campaigns. Inside of clone me is going to be a no-brainer for you now.

Adoption number 3 is the easiest system ever everything all set up and good to go for easy profits. I don’t know what that is, but make sure to check that out and oto for limitless traffic. Now this one is something i’m using.

I have used, and still using myself from former products released by brendon, that i picked up myself. This is basically, if you want to do paid traffic, you want to do google ads youtube ads. Then this is worth gold because they’re gonna put your pixel on their sales pages, which means, whenever you want some nice super targeted traffic for cheap, get cheap clicks.

Get Clone Me Now – Click Here

You can just retarget these people for cheap and always have access to cheap high, converting paid traffic and oto 5 upsell. Number 5 is, of course, license rights. So if you want to sell clone me and use clone me as one of your campaigns and receive 100 commission on the entire funnel, then this oto is for you.

So you can check out my bonus page and, like i said, all of these bonuses are yours forever to keep. Even if you just buy the front-end version for less than 13, so make sure to check out clomi. I think it’s.

A really good app, i highly recommend it. I think the quality is good of the pages of the videos everything done inside and it’s really easy. If you use my bonuses and the bonuses inside, i think you are going to make money really fast, because these are great products.

People that searching for these products, people that want to make money online, are going to click on your links and when they see all of their bonuses – and they see the review, video and brandon doing all the selling for you, you are going to make some hefty Commissions so highly recommend this.

If you have any questions about this product, let me know in the comments down below in my youtube video and i will answer them asap. Thank you so much for watching my review, see you in the next one

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