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I love amazon and i love e-commerce and i’m, going to show you how this product is going to really take your earnings to the next level. So what this does is it’s, got a whole bunch of active coupons and deals on there, and this is increasing all the time.

This nber here is increasing all the time i’ve got one store very, very easy to build, but before we do anything else, just want to show you how this works. I’ve pre-set it because i well you understand why in just a minute, but because i’m, not based in the u.s and the specific deal i got was a us-based one. What i did was, i put a u.s registered address just to show you how it works. So this is my store and i’m, going to take you to the beginning in just a moment just to show you the entire sequence, but i want to give you a live example here.

So what you do is you go to there’s a whole bunch of categories. You & # 39, ll, see them in just a moment, but i’ve gone with accessories, and i went with this uh company here. Just a sort of random coupon that i’ve chosen one of the 40 through 46,778.

So i just randomly went with this one, especially because it’s. Amazon and i’ve just released a product about amazon. So i think this could really sit well with it. So i went with this one and what i did was i got the code, i just clicked there.

Get Access to Froogal By Clicking Here

I got the code and this is the code, so you click on it and it takes you to the checkout basically to the product page and what i already did, as i said: okay, so that’s, the uh the items here, but what i Already did is i’ve already gone to here now.

This is a an address that i’ve set up. I’m actually based in london uk, but because this is an coupon. I put this address here. I just want to show you how it works at checkout, so you can actually get a feel for how the entire system flows.

So i checked out and it comes up with this , so you can see it’s sold by here and then you can see when i click on that you can see the code, so the normal price is 16.99, and this is the code Here, whatever it is, and let’s.

Compare that to my code, which was here so that’s, the same one, you see, so it’s already applied at checkout, so that’s, how it flows very, very simple: all you do is you just and we Can navigate away from here now because i’ve, already shown you how it works, but we got a home, and this is your main navigation that’s. My store that’s. Stan’s, demo, just a store. I’ve created now it comes pre-populated with all these products and sorry, one thing really important i forgot to mention is that when people buy this product we get paid commissions as affiliates.

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This is not for you to benefit from the coupons, although, if you wanted to, you could get a whole bunch of coupons, but this is a sales tool. So what we do in order to benefit as associates is we need to well on amazon? You can do your amazon affiliate id, and there is a way to put that uh in here.

So you go here. We go affiliate settings and your commission junction, your share, sale and your amazon. So all you do, is you put it in there and then every time someone buys from you any of these coupons or anything through that site.

You’ll get paid. So this is an incredibly powerful way to drive traffic. You can. We can put it on social media, we can put it on youtube. We can put it on our facebook groups. We can do cpa offers to it very, very interesting, way, because everyone loves a bargain, so very timely as well .

So you can see all the various things here i mean. If i go to beauty – and you know any of these wash bar again – you just click on it and that’s, going to take you to the product and when i check out it’s, going to come up with my code As you’ve seen previously, so it’s, also incredibly easy to set up.

I mean all i did really was. I just i went to to to to sites and i just added the sites. I think the front end allows me to have one site, so i can’t, add another one, but literally i just added one site you go so i can upgrade.

If you want, we’re, not gonna be upgrading. Now i’ll, show you the funnel in just a moment but uh. If i go to my site here and i just added one site, this came up and happy days. The store is already here, pre-populated with everything that i need to start benefiting, and what i do is i drive traffic.

I mean i’m, a traffic pro. You know that’s, that’s. What i do i build my list, i build traffic, so this for me is ideal and i want to show you how to use it as well. So , if you go ahead and make a purchase, we are gonna have setup calls.

Get Access to Froogal By Clicking Here

We’re gonna have weekly calls there’s, a whole bunch of ways that i make sure that anyone who buys for my link makes money with these products. So this is gonna be no exception, and if you go ahead and purchase, have a look at the bonuses we’ve got set up, calls we got a whole bunch of ways that are gonna. Make sure that you profit with this really exciting system? So, thanks for listening dan aschendorf here see you on the inside speak to you very, very soon can’t, wait, take care now and all the best to you, bye-bye.

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