Matic AutoPilot Affiliate App Review

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Matic is The World’s 1st “AutoPilot” Affiliate App That Gets You UNLIMITED, Free BUYER Traffic & Sales In 60 Seconds From 50 Traffic Sources In 3-Clicks! Created For Beginners, Zero Tech Skills Needed.

Hey this is TE from the best review site, welcome to my Matic AutoPilot Affiliate App review. At this moment I’m here in the dashboard of matic this new software. Launching today on the 8th of October and during this review we’re, going to have a look inside.

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I’ll, show you the features inside and show you exactly what this software is does and how it works. Now, in a nutshell, Matic is going to allow you to set up affiliate campaigns and then share them directly to social media, so that’s.

The idea behind this now, during this review, i’m, going to give you a much more in-depth demo to show you exactly how to do this. We will also have a close look at the sales page right here. I’ll. Just walk you through this and just show you a couple things there and, of course, i’ve, put together a package of custom and exclusive bonuses that you can get your hands on by purchasing matic through the link below this video click.

That link to come to this page on my website with a lot more information about Matic, also the pricing and the upsells, which we will cover later during this review, so stay tuned for that. But first let’s.

Have a quick look at my bonuses: these bonuses will not be available anywhere else, but by purchasing Matic through the link below this video because they are all made by me personally from my own knowledge and experience with internet marketing.

So only by clicking on that link. Coming to this page clicking any of the green buttons on this page, you’ll, be able to get access to these bonuses. The first bonus is going to show you the top seven ways to drive traffic to matic, mainly free traffic sources, but there are some paid traffic sources here, as well.

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Now, with matic, as i said, you are going to be able to share your stuff on social media and on the sales page. They may make a lot of bold claims about that. But basically, if you don & # 39, t already have a big following on those social media platforms.

You’re, not gonna see a ton of traffic coming from this. Unless you follow some of the steps, i show you in bonus number one where i’m, actually going to show you how to build a following on those social media.

How to make sure that you have targeted buyers on your facebook account, for example, which is a very powerful way to make money from matic. So that is just one of the ways. One of the seven ways i’m going to show you to drive traffic to matic in bonus number one, then bonus number two is going to show you how to make amazing bonuses, so you’ll, get more sales with matic.

Now, with matic, you can actually create bonus pages on top of affiliate sales pages very easily, but this only works. Of course, if you have great bonuses to offer in the first place now, either you can go and create your own bonuses, or you can use a plr, something like that to create bonuses.

Now i’m, going to show you both ways in this bonus in bonus number two, i’m gonna show you how to create your own, how to make sure that the bonuses you do create, even if you have zero skills Or knowledge on how to create these bonuses will still be extremely valuable, and also i’m gonna show you how to use plr to create amazing bonuses, so, instead of just giving away plr, as is how you can turn plr into something.

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That is way way better as a bonus than what you normally get. So this is really going to show you how to easily make bonuses without having a lot of experience without having any product creation, experience or anything like that.

That’s. Bonus number two and then bonus number three, finally, is going to give you everything you need to become really great at email marketing, so you can get long-term profits with matic, because in the end, what you really want to do when it comes to affiliate marketing is Build your own email list of targeted visitors, targeted buyers, people who are interested in these products so that over the long run like over time, you can sell more and more products to these people, um based on their interest.

So that is what you want to do, that’s. What i’m gonna show you in bonus number three. I’m gonna give you all the tools required to do so and now, in addition to those bonuses, i & # 39. Ll also give you all the vendor bonuses and all you need to do to claim these bonuses is click the link below this video click any of the green buttons like this one on this page, come to the sales page click the button to make your purchase Of matic on the sales page go through the checkout process on warrior plus and then find your receipt, which will be emailed to you by warrior plus click the link in that email come to this page click.

The access affiliate bonus button right underneath the actual purchase button and that’s, where my bonuses will be waiting for you free of charge. Now let’s go into the dashboard of medic. Let me quickly show you around how the software works.

Get Access to Matic Plus Bonuses By Clicking Here

Ll talk about the sales page in the pricing, so when you first get access, the first thing you want to do is import your facebook account because you can actually connect with facebook. Now i’m, not going to do that, because this is a shared account.

I don’t want other people to have access to my facebook, but basically, what this allows you to do is automate automatically comment and reply on your facebook pages, so this makes it easier to interact with your audience on facebook, when you have built An audience on facebook, using what i show you in bonus number one, for example, to find buyers on facebook.

Now the next step is to find an affiliate product you want to promote now inside the dashboard. You will find the top selling offers on jvzoo on warrior plus and on clickbank, so you can select one of these offers uh.

It will show you the sales page, so you can check that out and also uh for the jvzoo ones. At least here you can also just click on grab. The steel takes you to jvzoo and you can immediately start getting your affiliate link on the jvzoo platform.

So you just click on get links, and then you will have your affiliate link right there. Now you need to be approved for it, but i’m already approved for this one, so that will get you your affiliate link right away today.

So there you go, that is uh just a basically just a search for the top deals on jvzoo right now, then one click affiliate page. Actually, once you have your affiliate link, you want to start creating this.

So first thing you create a name for your campaign, so i’m just going to call this bioca test. Then here you put in your affiliate link or the affiliate page. You can build with the next tool, but in this case i’m.

Just gonna put my my website so that’s, liberty to as an example. So let’s say that’s. Your affiliate link, you click on save and then you can use um either of these four ways to add your own uh promos.

On top of that page, so you can have a header bar with a countdown timer and a discount and a call to action button, or you can have a bonus pop-up with your bonuses or you can. You can have multiple of these at the same time.

So you can have both a header and a bonus pop-up or a review overlay where just uh like let’s, say you do like a five-star review like this and then you say uh best product, oh product, i’ve ever used, Said albert einstein, so that is like a review quote: you know um and there so something like this and then you can also add a bonus pop-up.

So let’s just add some random graphic like this is one of my youtube, thumbnails and then click here to get these bonuses and then you click just on save, and that is that for that part, then you can also set some settings for Sharing this on social media, so a title description and an image for sharing it on social media.

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So again i’ll just grab this i say title goes here goes here and then your description, i’m just going to fill random characters. Then you want to put in your your output link, so you can just say bowker.

For example, uh, you can also add your retargeting pixels from facebook and google click on save, and then you have your link right here, and this is now going to show here. You can see the uh review from albert einstein here.

You can see the actual um, but this is my website liberty to travel. So this is the affiliate link that i put in and then here you can also see this icon with the bonuses that is actually going to give this popup to uh to show those bonuses, so that is uh.

The review i added – and that is the bonus pop-up i added so both of these things are now added on top of this page, so this can be any page on the internet. You can add these pop-ups on top of any page on the internet and that allows you to easily uh and then you can start sending traffic to this page.

By going to socialblast there, you select the campaign, you just created um, so bau contest that’s, the one there and then you can share it to facebook, twitter, pinterest, whatsapp, viber and any of these other social medias that some of those have never Heard about, but you can share to any of these social medias directly from the show show blast or the social posting as well.

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Uh social posting allows you to create a post uh, so you can actually create a post inside uh. Here you can see facebook posters, so this is for facebook, specifically that’s where the uh connection with your facebook account comes in.

So you can create a text link an image or video post, a multimedia post, a call to action, post or a carousel slash video post directly from here from any of the campaigns. So you click on campaign list and then you can create a new post right here and then you can create a post for social media.

I don’t know why that is not working, because i haven’t because there aren’t any campaigns here right now. I think i need to go through the the previous section first to finish my campaign and then also here you can have it done for your page builder, so this is actually allowing you to create your own landing pages.

Now there are some random templates in here that you can use, so you can just select any of these templates and then you can customize this or you can just start from scratch. You can say just i want a blank template, yes apply, and then you can just use any of these elements right here to just create your own page from scratch, with the dragon door.

Page builder like this, is your your header and then uh. You can add an image uh, for example like this etc. So you can just go and create your page from scratch using this page builder, or you can use any of these done for you templates as well, and once that is done, then you can actually add that to your social media campaign right here and then like I said automation, tools, um.

This allows you to uh, do like automatic, commenting and or replying to comments on facebook, so uh once you have connected your facebook account, you can click right here and then you can say: okay for this facebook page that you can then select from this pop-up.

I want to enable automatic command replying and then here you can say what will be replied automatically or you can reply based on what people say. So if someone asks a question that has the word price in it like what is the price of your product, you can say our products are range from one dollar to uh, one million dollars, for example.

This is a random example, but you get what i’m saying so that will uh automatically allow you to reply uh to comments on your facebook, page uh, using this tool as well. So this is all different tools basically put together into one product.

Uh, basically, this pop-up slash review thing that you can put on top of affiliate links, so you can have conversion boosting tools for your affiliate products, the done for you page builder, which allows you to create landing pages from templates or from scratch, and then the facebook Automation, where you can automatically reply to comments on your page and automatically comment on stuff on facebook and then also the social posting and social blasting tools, so you can create posts for social media and blast it to 50 different social media platforms.

So those are all the tools inside the matic software and that’s, exactly how it works. Let’s, have a quick look at the sales page and then we’ll talk about the pricing and the upsells, so a newbies dream come true.

The world’s. First, autopilot affiliate app gets you unlimited free traffic and sales in 60 seconds. So again, like i said this depends a little bit on if you already have following on social media, because if you don’t, then you’re, not automatically going to get unlimited traffic in 60 seconds.

Of course, you still need to build that up. That is exactly why, in bonus number one, i’m, going to give you all the tools required to do so now. The rest of the sales page just has some more info about this product.

In general, with yeah just kind of what you can expect, etc. So i suggest you go through all of this at your own pace in your own time, uh, by clicking the link below this video and then, when you come to this page, clicking any of the green buttons.

They will take you to the sales page and then you can just take your time to go through this whole sales page yourself and make a decision there. Now let’s quickly, talk about the pricing and the upsell, so the price of the front-end that’s.

Everything i just showed you right here, including all of my custom and exclusive bonuses, is going to be 17. So 17 gives you the software with all of the different tools and all of my bonuses, so that’s, pretty much a no-brainer for 17.

But then we have some upsells now these are a little bit more optional. You don’t need any of these and you can do everything i showed you with front-end, but for some of you it might be useful to buy any of these upgrades.

For example, if you want to have more templates for the done-for-you pages as well as additional tutorials 37 gives you the limitless edition, then also the automation edition for 37 gives you additional traffic tools and even more free viral traffic.

Then third upsell is the done for you edition for 197 dollars, where they’re gonna give you an entire dump view setup of this tool, then uh. The fourth upsell gives you extra done-for-you campaigns where you have 50 done-for-you campaigns for 37.

Very cheap upgrade actually that you can instantly import into your matic dashboard and then the fifth and final upsell is an individual custom, funnel setup experience where they’re, going to set everything up on your hosting with your accounts, with your autoresponder connect.

It all set up your follow-up sequence, your squeeze page everything for you for 197, so those are the upgrades um and those will be available after your purchase automatic they’re optional, but they & # 39.

Ll. Give you some extra tools. On top of it, so that wraps up my magic review. Thank you so much for watching make sure to hit the like button. If you like, this review, subscribe to my youtube channel for more product reviews and other internet marketing tips and tricks – and hopefully i’ll – see you in the next one bye

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